everyone loves the successful girl, but no one likes the girl who was once before ms successful

Simple girl in love with the Glamour lifestyle

Me and You, Just us Two.


Men feel insecure so they get out on a rampage to make them selves powerful again. Women feel insecure and cry.

People should be careful when they speak or write. Talking about someones appearance in terms of beauty or weight is never acceptable. People come in different shapes and sizes. Just because you were blessed with something doesn’t mean everyone was. All I am saying is be careful, and be nice. Everyone is beautiful.

doesnt it hurt SO much. when you see an opportunity thats for you, but you cant do it because of where you are.

Well isnt this true? When i dont care, ill flirt and do what ever i want. and then if i fall, ill get all nervous..sometimes!

Why don’t people take marriage seriously? The amount of divorces I see is ridiculous. Marriage has become a joke and it shouldn’t be.

Your madness is who you are. Don’t lose it

Pyar dosti hai. If you can’t be my bestest friend, how could I be in love with you? Kuch kuch hota hai